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Smithdon High School

Our History

We are very proud of our school. Now more than sixty years old, our school was the birth place of the ‘Brutalist’ style of architecture in Britain and our main buildings enjoys the protection of being Grade 2* listed.

As you approach the school on the road from Kings Lynn, our school sparkles through the tree line as it is made predominantly of glass and steel. Although aspects of the ‘brutalist’ style is reflected in modern architecture today, our school was considered ground breaking in post-war Britain. Our school formed a stark contrast with the more traditional brick built schools of the Victorian era and represented the positivity of the age.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice the architecture personifies the qualities of integrity and raw strength. Nothing is hidden at Smithdon as the glass and steel structure allows visitors to see straight into the heart of our school and the progress and development our students are making.

Over more than half a century our school community has embraced our origins and now boasts a range of resources and facilities as well as a unique place in the history of British and World architecture.