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Smithdon High School


Having been Deputy Headteacher and Head of School at Smithdon for four years, I am now thrilled to be leading the school in the next stage of its journey as the new Headteacher. I have had the privilege to be part of the school’s recent developments - we are proud of how far we have come already - but I look forward to building on these successes.

Amanda Gibbins


From the first day I visited Smithdon, I was captured by its community feel and the tremendous welcome provided by both students and staff – a welcome that visitors to the school today continue to comment on from their arrival at Reception to their experience on site.

Whether you are a prospective parent or student, or already part of our Smithdon family, I welcome you to Smithdon High School. It gives me great pleasure to be able to invite you to experience Smithdon virtually via our fantastic website – and I look forward to meeting you on one of our tours or many school events.

At Smithdon, we are passionate that all children are given the same opportunities to succeed, whatever their background and skills, and are instilled with the strength to build on their experiences to become the best version of themselves – and we aim to provide this for every child at Smithdon (also reflecting the aims of the West Norfolk Academies Trust).

With a fantastic, talented staff who develop a strong rapport with our students, supporting them in their journey to educational excellence and to find their individual strengths and interests, each child’s individual journey begins when they become one of our Smithdon community - a community that goes beyond the physical boundaries of Smithdon itself, into our wider community of Hunstanton and the surrounding areas, where we continue to expand our Business Outreach Programme and our links with many local events and organisations.

Our school motto, to Work Hard, Be Kind and Smile, embodies everything we expect of our students and of ourselves.

  • When we work hard, we open a world of opportunities and give ourselves and everyone else the ability to succeed and build a bright future.
  • Being kind is essential for a happy community: being kind to ourselves, as well as others, is just as important
  • There are so many opportunities to gain rewards, take part in fun activities and celebrate successes that make us all smile, every day.

Smiling is infectious - spreading positivity for the whole community. We welcome you to visit us at any time and witness our motto in action for yourselves – please do contact the school office to make an appointment.

Mrs Amanda Gibbins



The Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome You to Smithdon High School.

On behalf of the student body, we would like to wish you a warm welcome to Smithdon High School. For those new to the area, potential students and parents we would like to thank you for taking an interest in our fantastic school.

Caitlin Wagg


On behalf of all the student body here at Smithdon High School, I would like to welcome you to our school. I’m sure there are mixed emotions for anyone starting a new school, but everyone here at Smithdon is very welcoming and will welcome you into the school community. 

As I am in Year 11, I look back over my time here at Smithdon and realise how much I have grown, from being a nervous Year 7 to be a confident Year 11. Although the past year has been different for everyone, the staff were really supportive and we felt like we were still together. 

At Smithdon High School, we aim for high aspirations for ourselves and to challenge our learning. To help us achieve our full potential at our school, our school motto is “Work Hard, Be Kind and Smile” which then makes us a community. 

Thank you for looking into our fantastic school and I hope if you choose to join us, that you enjoy your time here at Smithdon High School. 

Theophilus Bazely-Smith

Hello and welcome! I am Theo and I have the amazing role of being Head Boy here at Smithdon High School. 

Students at Smithdon have a great opportunity to enjoy interactive and engaging lessons that really give them a good opportunity to achieve excellent grades: all with the hope of achieving those dream careers that they have in mind.


The Smithdon staff are extremely supportive of the students and give their best to look after the wellbeing of everyone. I myself have really benefited from the support I have gained from my subjects, such as English, which have really helped me to improve my confidence.

Enjoy exploring our website to find out more about us - and I look forward to seeing you around school some time.