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Smithdon High School


Testimonials About Our Transition Process

What Our Students Say:

Year 7 - September 2023


Before coming to Smithdon High School, I was absolutely terrified, I was worried about whether I would fit in or not. I was also worried about standing out. I was leaving primary school behind. I have found that all the teachers at Smithdon High School have supported me.

There are so many opportunities at Smithdon High School such as clubs in football, Maths, Drama and orchestra.


I was really worried when I first joined Smithdon High School. It was a very big change from primary school. I was worried about getting around the school. I was also worried about being late to lessons. However, all the staff and other year groups are very helpful. They make you feel very safe and welcome.

In my first couple of weeks, I got to know my way around with the help of some Year 8 students. All of the teachers are very kind and if you ask, they will guide you to your next lesson.

My favourite thing is the Year 7 playground. There are Year 7 toilets in a building with lots of Art displayed on the wall. There are lots of clubs and trips. I have settled in very well, and I already have lots of reward points. You can also get postcards sent home for hard work.

My advice to year 7 is not to worry and enjoy it. If you ever need help, come and find me. Be unique, be yourself and have fun!

Year 7 2021


When I first started, I was worried about making friends and if people would be mean to me. After a few weeks I had fully settled in and I made lots of friends really quickly. I am enjoying being here now.


I feel like my first 5-6 weeks at Smithdon High School have been reasonably good. The variety of food and the choice is good, behaviour has mostly been good. When I first started I thought it was going to be terrible, I had fears of it, but now that it has become a daily routine, I feel like I've settled in fully and it's my normal life.


At first I was really nervous and worried if people would be mean to me but I was wrong. There were lots of nice people to talk to if you needed help but I was fine. I made lots of new friends. The overall transition has been fun, exciting and nervous. I now feel like I've been here my whole life and now that I've got used to it I love it.


Coming into high school I feel like it is very good because I am learning a lot of new things. I am enjoying high school since there is a lot of new people to meet and there are a variety of after school clubs to do.


When I first came to this school I was nervous but once I got used to it and made friends it got easier. I am much happier. The pastoral team are always helpful and are there to help. I am enjoying my time here.


By the first week it felt like I'd been here a year because I already knew what I was doing and where I was going. No one ever picked on me andsome Year 10s in the morning let me play football with them and that made me feel comfortable. 

Year 7, 2020


Hello. My name is Darcey. Firstly I’d like to mention how helpful all of my friends and teachers were. They were very supportive, especially as I was nervous. I was anxious about getting bullied by the big kids, I was also worried about getting lost and I thought that I wouldn’t be as clever as everyone else and that we would be doing work that I wouldn’t be able to manage, but I was wrong.

The big kids aren’t scary and everyone is kind and can be funny which brightens up my day. Also some of the teachers gave us a tour and for every day for the first week my form tutor showed me how to get to my lessons. We do hard work but it’s not as terrible as I thought. We have just been learning about new things. Although you have lots of different classes with different teachers, there is loads of opportunity. I have made loads of new friends and I enjoy having more freedom and independence. Don’t worry, high school is really fun and the hot lunches are amazing!


Hello, my name is Euphemia. So far my transition into Year 7 has gone very smoothly and all the teachers have helped loads. At the start of the term I was very nervous about making friends and a load of big people being there but truthfully it is so easy to make friends and bigger students are not scary. I was also very nervous about getting to my lessons on time but I learned that you quickly learn the school and it is easy to get to your lessons, if you are late then the teacher won’t mind as long as you are polite about it.

Although you have different teachers for different lessons you will have a form tutor who will make sure you go to the right lessons and will give you equipment if needed. If you have any problems then you can go to Pastoral and they will sort out any worries. I have made lots of friends so far and I have made loads of progress. Thank you to all the teachers and my friends.

What Our 2022 Year 7 Parents Say:

Issues are dealt with promptly; I am very impressed.

We wish to thank all staff for their continuing nurturing and care. We know that our child would not have settled in so well without such a high standard of duty and care. It is sincerely appreciated.

My child has settled into the school well. When I have contacted the school, my queries have been responded to quickly. The school has been very supportive.

My child has had a great start to Smithdon High School. I am really pleased with the progress that they have made.

I am so pleased with the progress that my child has made during the first half term. It is worth travelling from Kings Lynn each day.

The school gives my child great support for their health needs.

I feel incredibly proud with the way that my child has adjusted and settled in at Smithdon High School.

My child is loving school and is happy. As parents, we could not ask for more.

What Our Prospective Parents Say:

Can I congratulate you and your staff for the tour you gave my daughter and I around the school.  Having visited 5 local secondary schools this was certainly the best

October 2021

We have just been to the Open Evening, we had to rush off and didn't get the chance to thank the two girls that showed us around, Tilly and Lilly.  They were very helpful, polite and a credit to the school

October 2021

What Our Parents Say:
Year 11 2023

I am very happy with Smithdon High School, both my daughters love it!

We are happy with our child’s progress at Smithdon High School.

My child has enjoyed his five years at Smithdon High School.

The school has been amazingly supportive throughout my child’s education.

Firstly can I congratulate you and your staff for the tour you gave my daughter and I around the school. Having visited 5 local Secondary Schools this was certainly the best. Also having a one to one chat with you at the end of the tour was also a bonus. My daughter and her friend have made Smithdon their first choice.   

Dave, November 2020

The SENDCO team are amazing and had it not been for Ms Bazeley-Smith and her team, my daughter would have really struggled to attend school for personal reasons.  The team initially dealt with her issues hands on and are ready to support her always.  The team put a system in place to support my daughter which is extremely reassuring.  We know that we can contact the team at any time and they are very approachable.  Both my daughter and myself are extremely grateful to know we can rely on them always and this has been a huge help in the settling into Smithdon High School.

Sarah, Sept 2020

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful start Gabriel has had at Smithdon.
The transition has been unbelievably successful. and this is due to the enormous efforts you and the school have taken to support Gabriel to make the best possible start.
When you consider all the school he missed when he was at junior school and the amount of time he spent in hospital- it is absolutely amazing to me that he is now so positive about school and with full attendance!!
It is like a miracle in his life and in the life of our whole family.
The way you are continuing to support him sensitively and practically with the challenges he still faces is hugely important.
Enabling him to enjoy his learning and fully participate.

Gabriel’s Mum, Oct 2020

From our very first contact with Lisa in the office we have felt supported every step of the way. My daughter's tutor has been in regular contact and always responds to any queries we’ve had straight away, in fact everyone we speak to has always been really kind, helpful and willing to help. Daisy has enjoyed every minute of her first half term and her confidence has grown no end.

Daisy’s Mum, Oct 2020