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Smithdon High School

GCSE Preferences

In the Spring term of Year 9, students are supported to consider their subject preferences for study in Years 10 and 11.

All students are required to study the core subjects of Maths, English and Science (the latter either as Combined Science or Triple Science, but this path is decided by the Science department, in consultation with students and parents at the end of Year 10). All but a small number of students will study a language and all students are required to choose at least one subject out of History or Geography.

Students then select their other subjects to match their interests, abilities and aspirations to complete their Key Stage Four studies with a total of 4 "option" subjects.

Careful thought and consideration should be given to your child’s choices, in order to reflect their strengths and any future career plans they may already be considering. We hope that you will discuss all the possibilities with your child, so that, in partnership, we can support them in making an informed decision when this time comes.

Further information on subject preferences, the process and key dates will be sent out directly to Year 9 students and their parents, as well as being published here on the website.

KS4 Curriculum Guide and Process

This Curriculum Guide is designed to help you to choose the courses you will study in Years 10 and 11. The next two school years are a very important part of your education. This Guide is designed to help you make the right choices for you and to achieve the best possible results in all of your subjects by the end of Year 11.

KS4 Curriculum Guide 2024 


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Preferences Timeline

Key dates for 2024 process to follow in due course