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Smithdon High School

COVID - 19 Information

This page will be updated with information on the status of our school in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.


If your child developed symptoms between Friday 26 March and Monday 29 March OR has tested positive between Friday 26 March and Wednesday 31 March, in addition to the online logs, rather than call the absence line, please email and include the best telephone number to contact you on.

After these dates, Test and Trace will carry out contact tracing, you simply need to complete the two online logs (or phone calls).

Links to report home testing results

You must report your results both to NHS Test and Trace and the school!
NHS Test and Trace - either on their website or by calling 119.

AND the school log - either via our google form or if you have trouble with the online form, by calling the student absence line, 01485 536123, leaving your child's name, the date of test and test result(s).
Please note: any dates entered on this form must be in DD/MM/YYYY format (unlike some phones' automatic month first format)

In the event of a positive test result:

  • In addition to completing the online form:

    Please telephone the absence line IMMEDIATELY, on 01485 536123, so that we can begin the immediate work of contact-tracing any students and staff who have been in close contact with your child, and inform them of the need to isolate. 

  • If your child’s LFT result is positive, you should book a PCR test at a local testing centre and your child and your household must isolate until the result is confirmed. 

If the LFT result is void, a second test should be carried out. If the second test is also void, you should treat it like a positive result and a PCR test at a local test centre must be booked and your household must isolate while awaiting the results. 

Following a positive PCR result, you must inform school immediately and your child must stay home and follow the NHS guidance, along with the rest of the household. If the PCR result is negative, your child may return to school as normal.

Risk Assessment

As you are aware schools are receiving regular updates  from the Government regarding the full opening of our schools .

The Trustees of WNAT, of which Smithdon High School is a part of, are holding regular meetings with members of the WNAT Executive team to ensure that our risk assessments are up to date with any new government legislation. 

The following link will take you to the latest version of our Risk Assessment:

WNAT Risk Assessment - COVID-19 

This risk assessment has been applied to our school, ensuring  that every member of our staff is clear on their role and the schools procedures.

However, it is important to understand that this document is live and will be updated regularly to ensure that it reflects the latest government guidance.

If you have any queries regarding this then please do not hesitate to contact the school direct.

Parent Information:

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