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Smithdon High School

Design Technology Curriculum KS3

Within DT lessons, we use quick feedback quizzes (where appropriate) to aid memory retention and, for each of the projects studied, the work is supplemented by the addition of a knowledge organiser, which provides the students a summary sheets of the knowledge gained over the projects in order to aid revision. This is especially important when the subject is taught on a rotation at KS3.

KS3 Design Technology

Every Key Stage 3 student studies Design and Technology for 1 hour every two weeks. Students learn a variety of skills, including traditional practical skills and CAD/CAM skills, using our ICT facilities.

Students complete a number of projects that enhance both their practical skills, and their theoretical understanding of this wide-ranging subject. The projects allow students to build on and develop their previously acquired skills, ensuring that, by the end of Year 9, students are prepared to successfully complete GCSE Design Technology at KS4, should they choose it as one of their “Options” subjects.

Year 7 - Night Light Project 

Students focus on woodwork, electronics, drawing, marking out, health and safety to create a high quality outcome.



Year 8 - Bottle Opener Project

Students create bottle openers learning about metal properties and apply this learnt knowledge to their practical work. Students work practically alongside the working drawings they have completed in lessons. 




Year 9 - Jewelry Project 

Students focus on a more open-ended project. Using a design movement, students design and create jewelry from either acrylic, wood and/or pewter. This project is designed to give students an understanding of GCSE skills and processes.