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Smithdon High School


Welcome to the History department at Smithdon High School


Mr Corder
Head of History
Ms Rham
Teacher of History  

Mr Hirst
Headteacher &
teacher or History


History is a fascinating subject that enables you to reflect on the past from the present. It allows you to think deeply and organise information so that it makes sense and builds a range of lifelong skills useful to all employers.

In History we encourage students to ask questions, think critically, weigh up evidence and come to judgements. Most of all, history allows us to understand different societies and the way that they have developed over time.

We intend to develop a knowledge base, love, intrigue and passion for history that lasts a lifetime. We believe we have a duty to ensure students can make sense of the present both at home and abroad, by reflecting on the past.


We have chosen a curriculum that we feel will offer our students the best understanding of why Britain holds its current position in the world from a global-centric view, as well as how world events have impacted on Britain.

Our curriculum has common themes throughout, which allows our students to relate and compare ideas, values and events. This will then ultimately help them to make informed judgements. The curriculum themes for Year 7 through to Year 11 can be found here.

Our curriculum map for History gives more detail on what our students study at each stage of their History education.

At GCSE we follow the Edexcel GCSE History specification which includes 3 exam papers which students will sit in the summer of Year 11.