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Smithdon High School

Hospitality and Catering Department

KS4 Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering

We follow the WJEC exam board’s specification.

Students will gain knowledge and understanding related to a range of hospitality and catering providers, learn about issues related to nutrition and food safety and how they affect successful hospitality and catering operations. In this qualification, students will also have the opportunity to develop some food preparation and cooking skills as well as transferable skills of problem solving, organisation and time management, planning and communication.

Year 10  

Students will be taught aspects from both Unit 1 (The Hospitality and Catering industry) and Unit 2 (Hospitality and Catering in Action) throughout year 10. Unit 1 will teach the students about different aspect of the hospitality and catering industry ranging from operations in the kitchen and front of house, responsibilities in the workplace, the cause of food poisoning and to knowing how to meet the customer’s needs. Unit 2 will teach students the importance of nutrition when planning menus, other factors such environmental issues that affect menu planning, use a range of techniques when preparing and cooking dishes and the importance of presentation. The course is taught through both theory and practical lessons.

Year 11  

Student will continue to studies aspects from both Unit 1 & 2. They will take a written exam to assess knowledge gained in Unit 1. Unit 2 is assessed internally.  The students will complete a Non-Exam Assessment task.

External Assessment

Unit 1 - The Hospitality and catering industry unit is assessed through a written examination which is sat in year 11. The exam is 90 minutes long. 

Internal assessment

Unit 2: Hospitality and Catering in Action unit is internally assessed. It is assessed through a Non- examination assessment task, which will be completed under controlled conditions.

Catering and Hospitality KS4 Curriculum Topics



Term 1

Term 2

Term 1

Term 2

Term 1

Term 2


Unit 1 - HACCP forms and food-induced ill health. Unit 2 - Practical skills - vegetable preparation, sauce making and piping using these skills to make whole dishes.

Unit 1 - Food labelling laws, food safety legislation and food hygiene. Unit 2- Food safety practices, importance of nutrition and cooking methods and Practical skills - vegetable preparation, sauce making and piping using these skills to make whole dishes

Unit 1 - Symptoms and signs of food-induced illness and preventative measures. Unit 2 - Mock controlled assessment and Practical skills - Dough making, pasta and bread.

Unit 1 - Hospitality and catering provisions to meet requirements. Unit 2 - Building preparation and cooking skills and Practical skills - Dough making, pastry.

Unit1 - Health and safety in hospitality and catering provision. Unit 2 - Reviewing of dishes and own performance and Practical skills - using high risk food

Unit 1 -  recap ready for Mock written exam. Unit 2 - Building further higher practical skills including creating whole dishes which include accompaniments and presentation techniques


Unit 2 - Functions of nutrients in the human body, compare nutritional needs of specific groups, characteristics of unsatisfactory nutritional intakes and how cooking methods impact on nutritional value. Practical - develop butchery skills and presentation techniques.

Unit 2 - Factors to consider when proposing dishes for menus, how dishes on a menu address environmental issues, how dishes meet customers needs and plan the production of dishes for a menu. Practical - creating higher skill dishes and presentation techniques.

Unit 2 - Use techniques in preparation of commodities, assure quality of commodities to be used in food preparation, use techniques in cooking of commodities and complete dishes using presentation techniques.

Unit 2 - Food safety practices. Completion of controlled assessment

Unit 1 - revision for students sitting or resitting written exam.