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Smithdon High School

PSHE Overview



Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 1

Summer Term2


Them and Us: Power of our minds, Kindness, Esteem, Praise, Difference

Learning to Learn: Revision and learning strategies.

Living in the Wider World: Core values, setting targets, diversity and stereotypes. Human rights. Future planning. Careers exploration

Relationships: Positive Relationships. Team work, communications, types of relationship, commitment, marriage, break-ups.

Health and Wellbeing: Puberty, personal hygiene, exercise, sleep, basic first aid.

Careers - Unifrog, exploring pathways, investigating careers.


Relationships: Abuse, prejudice, inclusion, peer pressure, gangs.

Living in the Wider World: Finance, budgets, money, banks. Career Exploration.

Health and Wellbeing: Managing risks, drugs, smoking, alcohol, cancer.

Relationships: Managing emotions, commitment, parenting skills, relationship break up, consent, introduction to contraception, sexual orientation and gender ID

Living in the Wider World: Types of work , career paths, aspiration, future labour market, routes to employment, choices after KS3.

Careers - Unifrog, exploring pathways, investigating careers.


Health and Wellbeing: Emotional wellbeing and mental health. Stress, eating disorders, self-harm, resilience.

Living in the Wider World: Personal strengths, prejudice and stereotyping, social media, sexting, future employability, Workplace bullying and harassment, CEIAG.

Health and Wellbeing: Healthy sleep, eating and informed life choices. Exploring donation. Tattoos and piercings, sunbeds.


Relationships: Team work, qualities and behaviours in positive relationships, conflict management skills, decision making, safety in relationships

Living in the Wider World: Goal Setting, social media, future planning, careers

Relationships: Sexuality, sex in the media, consent, peer pressure, intimacy, contraception's, harassment, teen pregnancy, fostering and adoption. CV writing Work Experience Applications Living in the Wider World: Finance: Banking, payslips, credit and debit, retirement planning. Relationships: Managing changes in relationships, grief and bereavement, online relationships, harassment, information and support. Work Experience Planning: Workplace behaviour, Health and Safety, Expectations, Post 16 planning
Personal Statements. Post 16 applications. Intervention. Mental Health. Intervention. Breast and Testicular health. Intervention. Revenge Porn. County Lines. FGM. Examination Period.