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Smithdon High School

Supporting your child through GCSEs

Parents want the very best for their children, and as we know the GCSE years can be quite demanding for students. Here at Smithdon High School the KS4 (Year 10 and 11) students have their very own designated pastoral worker in place to support parental needs and look after student development. If for any reason you would like to discuss any concerns regarding your child, please contact Mrs Green on the following email…


We would like for our parents to feel supported throughout the GCSE years and therefore recommend the following resources to aid academic progress at home. This will allow the student to maximise the impact of their own revision, whilst ensuring that learning is sustainable wellbeing maintained…

The learning Scientist

All of these strategies have supporting evidence from cognitive psychology. For each strategy, we explain how to do it, some points to consider, and where to find more information.

  • Spaced Practice
  • Retrieval Practice
  • Elaboration
  • Interleaving
  • Concrete Examples
  • Dual Coding

Please find user guides below for each of these strategies.

50 fact booklets

These contain 50 essential facts for each of the subjects carried out at GCSE level. Repeatedly testing your child will improve their knowledge and enable them to improve their capital and cultural understanding.

Subject information booklets

These break down the content of each GCSE subject and inform you of…

  • What specification your child is completing
  • What’s going on when (Units of work)
  • When the exam dates are
  • What revision materials could be useful