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Smithdon High School

Work Experience Opportunities

We are exceptionally proud to be able to offer our year 10 students an opportunity to complete work experience.

We believe that this experience is invaluable for our young people. It helps them to understand the world of work, gaining first hand experience within the work place among professional adults. It is part of the preparation for the transition from education to career. Giving a view into the skills and attributes required by employers, along with enhancing student’s self-confidence, maturity, independence and interpersonal skills.

Smithdon provides a full schedule from CV and letter writing to gaining student led placements, enabling them to chose industries that appeal, through to preparation for workplace behaviours and expectations along with health and safety within the Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme.

Evidence has shown that this experience helps to raise pupil’s motivation and aids career planning in time for those all-important post 16 choices that are made the following term.